Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Complaint Restraint February Tumblr

Check out their new Tumblr!

We decided to open a simple Tumblr blog and invite all of you to share your own experiences with Complaint Restraint.

Congratulations! You’ve already made it through more than half of Complaint Restraint February! Some of you write us that it’s going really well, others are fighting a bit harder not to complain.

But as we’ve always said, this is about the process, not any specific outcome we’re aiming for. What I notice each year during February is that while this is about myself, it’s also about the people around me, and I learn a lot about people close to me each February, too. Who’s a more negative person, who has a more positive effect on their friends? How do others deal with actually problematic aspects of their life?

So when Naomi, a participant from Vancouver, Canada, asked us about setting up a place for all of you to share your experiences, we figured why not? Here’s her email:
I have been doing my best not to complain about things I have no control over to change. But what I find interesting is being aware of others complaining about little things and wasting their energy on that. I wish with this challenge you have a forum that posted everyone’s comments so we could be changed and know how everyone else is doing thru this.
Head over to the Tumblr to share your thoughts and views on Complaint Restraint. How is it working for you? What have you learned since starting out? We’re looking forward to all of your thoughts!

Also, if you by chance know BeyoncĂ©, let her know that we’d love to have her participate next year ;)

Have a great week,
Thierry & Pieter

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