Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Reading Challenge

Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

I just set my GoodReads reading challenge and am considering doing a different kind of reading challenge this year, but there are so many different ones to choose from. 

Click the picture below for a list of all the different reading challenges online this year:

Here is another "Master List," because I found a couple that are on one but not the other. This one is from GirlXoxo

2019 Reading Challenges

Here are a few of my favorite. What do you think? 

This one is from Epic Reads and includes a different challenge for each week. The first week's challenge is to read a book thats cover is your favorite color. 

Join the Year of Epic Reads Challenge!

First Week's Challenge:
Click the pic to see some examples
Favorite Color

This is one from PopSugar that I like. I think it would really take me out of my reading comfort zone and encourage me to read a lot of books that I would never read otherwise. 

This one is designed to read one book each week. 

I'm tempted to do this one, because pretty much all of the books I read in 2018 were sci-fi and fantasy.

reading challenge 2019(1).png      fantasy bingo card(1)

However, I am also thinking that I should try a challenge that will make me branch out a bit and try reading some other genres that I might not choose on my own.

This is probably the one I need to do most! I have tons of ebooks that I've gotten for free that I haven't read yet. 

Then, there are the Alphabet Soup challenges. The original Alphabet Soup challenges requires you to read a book that starts with each letter of the alphabet. However, there is also an Author's Edition this year, which requires you to read a book by an author whose first or last name starts with each letter of the alphabet. 


Interested in getting involved (or more involved) in the book blogging community? Here's a challenge designed to keep bloggers in communication throughout the year.

I haven't decided which one I'm going to try yet, but I will post it on IG and FB when I do. 

What do you think? Which of these do you think sounds like fun, or which one do you plan to do this year? 

Is there a challenge I didn't list here that you think I would like? Please let me know! I'm up for suggestions! 

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