Friday, July 3, 2020

I'm back!

Hi everyone! 

I wanted to write a post to explain my hiatus. 

TL;DR - I didn't have much time to read for a year, then the pandemic hit and all I wanted to read is old favorites. I'm back and ready to to start reading new books and posting to my blog again. What books should I read next?

Unfortunately, I was not able to read much for over a year, because I was finishing for my master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, which requires a year-long internship. 

For almost a year, I worked over 20 hours a week at my internship site, on top of my full-time job and doing homework. Unfortunately, this didn't leave much time for reading. 

I loved the experience I gained at my internship site, and I am super happy to finally have my master's degree! I interned as a therapist at a drug and alcohol treatment facility for homeless women, and I learned so much. It was so fulfilling that I planned to continue volunteering to counsel clients there one day a week. Then the pandemic happened...

I will say that I am SOOOOO thankful that I finished school by that point. Although my graduation ceremony was postponed or canceled (not sure which yet), if I had not been done with my internship, I would have had to take time off while the school was closed and would not have my degree yet.

Although I had to put my volunteer work there (and with the cat rescue I volunteer for) on hold, I am thankful that I am done with school and have a job that I can do from home. 

But back to reading... 

It really threw me off not being able to read much for almost a year. 

Then, once I graduated and got back to a point where I could start reading, the pandemic hit. Ugh!

For some reason, since the pandemic hit, I haven't wanted to read new books. I've tried to start a couple of new books but ended up picking up old favorites. 

I just got done reading the Throne of Glass series for the 3rd time. 

Side note: I read Tower of Dawn and Kingdom of Ash in chronological order this time, and it was awesome! Click below to see the guide I used. 

It's been too long, though! I'm ready to start reading new books again! There are tons of books on my TBR list, and I've got plenty of books on my kindle to read. 

I think Crescent City and Serpent & Dove are going to be my next reads. What books do you think I should read next? 

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