Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nirvana by J.R. Stewart

I requested a previous version of Nirvana through NetGalley. Sometime after reading my review, which is posted on GoodReads only, as this was during my Pre-Blog era (PB), I received an email from the publisher asking if I would be interested in reading a revised copy of the book. They specified that there were changes made per reader reviews. So, since the previous version I read was pretty good, and I love when authors really listen to what their readers have to say, I accepted a new (and hopefully improved) copy of Nirvana.

HOLY CRAP! From the very first page, I could tell that the author had made significant changes to the book, and reading this version would likely be a much different experience than reading the first. This pleased me greatly, as I was unsure that I wanted to reread Nirvana again with only minor changes so soon.

I am much more fond of the playful way that Andrew approached Kenders in the previous version. I like that he had to work for it! From an early point in the book, I like the format of the previous version, as well. Here, all she says is, "I think he might have been a fan. He was actually kind of cute... My buddy Serge, who was visiting, watched us with a cautious eye, so I just traded numbers to hook up later.: while this may contribute to later changes, I still really liked the way she was standoff-ish at first, making him work for her attention.

Immediately after pointing out that change, I discover that Larissa's band becomes famous overnight, after Andrew teams up with her band and incites a protest. However, I still think that the banter from the previous way they met could be included seamlessly with this version. It made me like both of them immediately.

At some points in the previous version, the virtual reality concept was kind of confusing. This verious made it much clearer and more believable. Before, it seemed like the virtual reality was something people did alone to alleviate their depression from their sad lives.

From the get-go, Nirvana has a different feeling from the rationed-out hours (minutes) of fantasty to forget about the sad realities of life.

I like Kenders and Andrew's relationship better this go-round. I like how they balance each other out. It seemed like in the last version, we didn't learn a lot about their relationship. Instead, Kenders just whined a lot.
"Andrew and I are similar that way. We're music and science. It's creation and invention; writing a melody or an equation; conceiving new lyrics or a theory."
I don't recall the previous version giving Kenders' age, but I did not expect her to be 17! But school must be different, or Kenders is a genius and went to college super early.
"Way back in high school, (mom) already objected (to her music)..."
"She forgave me for dumping my scholarships, but I was 14..."
I know that this book has a YA feel, but from the first book, I really thought that Kenders was in her early 20's.

The basic premise of this version is the same, but the execution, overall, is much better! I think Nirvana was better represented in this revision.

Overall, well done on the revision! I enjoyed reading this version of the book more than I did the first time, and it was a much different experience, not at all like re-reading the same story.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book in the Nirvana series!

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