Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Years Reading Resolutions

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL holiday, filled with lots of love and joy!

I spent time with family and spent lots of time coloring in my new coloring book!
Checkout some of my creations on my Instagram page:
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I have been doing a little reading on my break from school, but not as much as I planned. I finished reading a revised version of Nirvana, which the publishers sent me after I submitted a review for an earlier version to NetGalley. I have some notes written out, so expect a review for Nirvana, coming up.

I also just finished reading Bloodmark, which was pretty awesome! I will post a review for it pretty soon, as well. 

I am super excited about my current read, though! I have been waiting almost 2 months to read Library of Souls, the final book in the Miss Peregrine series. I put the 3rd book on hold, immediately after reading the 1st book. I was able to check out the 2nd and read it the day after finishing the 1st book. I was pretty upset that I had to wait at all, when a month went by and I was still waiting, I began to lose hope. But FINALLY! I received an email telling me that I could check it out. So, I immediately stopped everything I was doing and started reading!  I'm about half-way through it, right now, and hope to finish it tonight. 

So, stay tuned for these reviews, and more!

I don't usually do New Years Resolutions...

But I felt it appropriate this year.

I started this blog a couple of months ago and decided that new years is the perfect time to improve it! 

  • I want to post more regularly. I have learned that many bloggers plan out their posts for the week. I have tried to type up a couple of entries at a time and schedule them to post. I want to make this a regular thing, so that there is consistently new content on my site.
  • I also want to branch out and start reading a wider variety of books. Right now I usually go for either YA or biographies and memoirs...time to switch it up a little. 
         Any suggestions? Let me know what books you think I should read!
  • Also, since I am working on my master's degree, in hopes of being a child and family therapist, I plan to start trying out some children's books that I think might fit well with my practice. I will make this a separate page, so that those interested in each topic can easily access only those posts. However, I figure it's never to early to start collecting books that might help children in the future.

What are your New Year's Resolutions (bookish or otherwise)?

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