Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Severed Ties (Jagged Scars, #2) by Jo Schneider

Severed Ties by Jo Schneider
Wendy is no stranger to death - she killed her first Skinny before she was ten - but the slaughter of her own family is personal. Pelton's betrayal to the Den planted a wicked seed in Wendy's heart that is slowly growing into a ravenous monster bent on revenge. Its rage is bleeding into her dreams, her nightmares, and her waking hours, staining everything, including her sanity.
When the monster almost overpowers her, Wendy decides she should leave Shelter. But before her friends will let her go, a plague sweeps through the complex. Doc doesn't have the meds they need to cure it, but the map Wendy wrestled from Pelton could lead them to a place that does. Now, Wendy must hold her mind together long enough to keep everyone she knows from dying. Again.
I absolutely loved Fractured Memories! So, when I got to the end and discovered that by signing up for the author's newsletter, I could read the next book in the series for free, I jumped on it and immediately signed up and downloaded Severed Ties

I loved this book just as much as the first one! It continued to develop the dystopian world and story, with just as many twists and turns as the first book.

Again, this book left off at a great point to start the next chapter of Wendy's journey but didn't leave me checking to make sure that the book was actually over. This book also refrains form trying to shove romance where it doesn't belong. Wendy is working through some MAJOR trauma. To try to shove her into her first romantic relationship ever, while she is still struggling with so many other things would just be wrong. Again, I am thankful that the author did not ruin her book by placing the cookie cutter YA love triangle in the middle of it.

She doesn't let a crush on a boy dominate her thoughts and make everything else irrelevant. She doesn't change everything and become an idiot just because she has a crush on a guy. Throughout the book, Wendy remains a complete badass who will do anything to save others.

This was an AWESOME follow up to Fractured Memories! I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

Please note: While I desperately want to download book #3 right now and continue reading (I immediately pulled it up on Amazon, as soon as I finished reading), I have another trilogy to read and review in the next two weeks that I committed  to first. :( So, I will be waiting (somewhat patiently) to continue reading and see what happens next!

I received a copy of Fractured Memories for free through The Review Chain in exchange for an honest review.


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